How We Protect Our Horses from Coyotes

In our line of work, we have to protect animals that belong to other people. We take pride in providing a safe place for horses to breed and when their owners go out of town. We know that if anything bad was ever said about our breeding and boarding facility; we would lose the trust of our clients. Therefore, we are diligent when it comes to protecting them from harm. It has taken us a lot of effort, but we have figured out the secrets and shared our knowledge when asked how we protect our horses from coyotes.

When Coyotes Venture Near

We are located in a rural area. This fact alone means that we have to deal with other wildlife that may be waiting to attack the animals we care about and care for. Coyotes are especially dangerous and their attacks can be swift since you are likely dealing with a lot of them at one time. We also understand that if a horse feels threatened; they will not breed and for us, that is unthinkable. We know that coyotes are a problem in our area and we know that they are prone to attacking horses, especially if there are newborn foals on the ground. If we were to allow it to happen; it would come back on us. Therefore, when coyotes come near, we start working hard to protect the animals.

How We Prevent Attacks

Coyote Shining As a group, we put a lot of effort into looking for signs of coyotes. We also listen to other people nearby to see if they may have been having issues with coyotes on their farm. If we hear them howling nearby, locate scat, or see paw prints that may have been left behind, we start patrolling actively to see if we can find more evidence of them coming too close to our stables. If need be, we will ride the fence line throughout the night to see if any venture near. We also send out a warning to others within the area who also have animals that they want to protect from harm. In the event that we find coyotes coming up to our fences, we shoot them on the spot using a long range rifle scope, like the ones seen on Rifle Scope Specialist to get an accurate shot at them.

The End Result

Because of our constant diligence where coyotes are concerned, we have never had an animal, horse or any other type, be hurt while in our care. We have also managed to cut down on some of the coyotes in our area so that other farms do not have to worry about their animals. We do it because we care and although we know that coyotes have a place in our world; we choose to keep them in the wild where they belong. If they venture near, we feel it is our right and responsibility to get rid of them before one of them can cost our clients thousands of dollars and a good horse.

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