Horse Training

You don’t become a good horseman by training a horse,

you become a good horseman by training yourself.

We Offer….

*Starting under saddle*Colt starting



*Problem horses*Sale preparation

*Ground manners

*Start & finish show horses


Ground work and respect are very important in our training program.
On the left, I am de-sensitizing a young horse gaining trust & respect and on the right,
we are learning to go over water the first time.

*Cost is $300. per month for training.
Plus regular daily board $13.33 OR $15.00 daily show barn fee.

Daily Trainer Fee: $30/day for each day away from home.
Transportation cost is $.40 per mile per horse being hauled.
Lodging & meals are divided among the customers for each trip.
All show fees, stall fees, etc. are at owner’s expense.
Trainer will receive 10% of any earnings won when shown by the trainer.

We train at the horses learning level since we understand that like humans, all horses learn at different pace and not every horse takes the same method of training. We accomodate to the individual and make their training experience enjoyable for the horses and owner.

We not only ride the horses in the arena and round pen but also go down the road around traffic, barking dogs, go over bridges and through brush and water. We believe in training for an all around horse. One you can show and pleasure ride on. We love training our horses and our client’s horses to be light, willing, trusting partners. We take our time to work through the little issues that often times get over looked and later turn into big issues.

We offer and recommend lessons to the owner while their horse is in training. To insure you get along with your horse, we will give 1 free lesson per week while your horse is in training with us. We believe it is important for the horse and owner to progress together and understand each other.