The Easiest Ways to Train a Horse to Ride

HorseTrainingTwo things that set one horse above another is their trainability and ride-ability. The horse should be easy to train and ride, if you want it to be a great addition to your stables because half the thrill behind owning a horse is riding it, even if you are not in the business of raising a race horse.

However, sometimes training them to do so can be tricky because you are going to have to make them wear, and feel comfortable doing it, you as well as the saddle, bridles, etc. You will also want them to obey your commands and go where you need them to travel. This is not always easy due to a horse is an animal who is by nature meant to roam the world freely. Here are some tips to help you learn the easiest ways to train a horse to ride.

Gain the Horse’s Trust

The true skill of any good horse trainer is going to be whether they are able to gain the horse’s trust. This can take a lot of time, as does training it to let you ride. You will have to show the horse that you are trustworthy and that you care about them. This will in turn make you someone they look toward as their leader.

To do this, it is important that you are assertive without being aggressive. Encourage them to do as you want them to do and resist the urge to get frustrated with them, even if you are having to go at a slower, steadier pace to get them to trust you. If you abuse them at any time during the training process, you will make it so that they will not trust you. The horse will sense your attitude and know if they can trust you based on the way you handle yourself. If you are excitable, nervous, or frustrated, they will question whether you are a good leader. Your confidence, your calmness, and the fact that they feel mentally and physically safe with you, will all be beneficial to you.

Keep Your Plan and Goal in Mind

When training a horse, you need to be consistent. This means working with them for a set amount of time each day, a set task list for them to learn, and even a reward plan that you can consistently do for them. Even if it takes them longer on one area, such as allowing you to guide them with the reins, you should still not move on to another “task” until they master the one you are working on. If you decide to train by releasing pressure when they do what you ask of them, make sure you do it every time they do right and never when they are doing wrong. Your consistency will help them, and you, become a team.HorseSidePull

You should never give treats to a horse in training, otherwise they may become biters. The best way to discipline a horse, as the herd leader, includes asserting yourself. Force the horse to move forward or backward, you can push him or just crowd him so that he must. Change it up so that he does not know what you will do when he has done wrong. Just keep in mind, beating and whipping is not the right way to discipline.

Understand Your Horse’s Needs

By nature, horses are wild animals, but they still require a herd leader. As a trainer, you must become the one they look toward for advice on what is required for them. If you are a good leader, your horse will follow. It is something that they need and so do you, if you ever want to work up to riding that majestic beast.

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