Important Things to Consider Before Breeding Your Mare

horsebreedingWhether you are just getting into the idea of raising horses or someone who has been around it for years, there is a lot to consider. Do you have enough space for the horses you have, are you able to handle the financial responsibility of other horses to encourage growth, and even when you should breed the mares to make it easier on you and them. Here are some of the most important things to consider before breeding your mare so that in roughly 11 months, you can look out into the field and see a healthy foal bouncing around beside his momma.

Is Your Mare Healthy Enough?

Will your mare be able to conceive on her own or does she need to have artificial insemination? Is her body able to support the growing mare and make a good home for him? Your vet will be able to help you discover this information through a variety of tests. He can do sonograms and examine the way her body is put together inside and out. He will also do blood tests, make sure that she has all of her vaccinations and check for infections that may cause her to be unable to carry her foal. All of this information will help you to determine whether she is able to conceive naturally or if she will need help. Your chosen veterinarian will also be able to tell you when your mare may be ready to breed based on when her ovulation takes place, which will increase your chances of breeding when you feel it is best.

The Perfect Stud

ThePerfectStudSince most people want their horses to foal at a certain time of the year, it is important that you know when your mare is ready, the stud horse will be as well. Therefore, you will also want to find the perfect stud before you start breeding. Very few horses are allowed to breed with the mate of their choice. Often it entails contacting a stud farm or finding a suitable stud in one of your neighbor’s fields. If you are going through a stud farm, you can ask for references of other satisfied customers and discover how long it took to have a successful implantation. You will also discover whether the foal was healthy.

When Will Baby Come?

Mares carry their foal for 11 months. A lot of breeders want the foal to come during the early months of the year, with particular preferences for early spring. It makes it easy on the mare’s owner to feed the mare all that she needs to support her growing foal, without wearing her down too much. A mare that delivers during the winter will need extra food and extra nutrients. If she delivers in early spring, natural grass will be more abundant and it will save you money.EquineSupplements

From there, the biggest thing you will have to consider is whether you want to deal with checking on your mare day and night to ensure that the foal is coming out right during delivery. Some people are not sure how to handle this or a complication, therefore they send the mare off to a delivery stable before she goes into labor.

It is a complicated process for someone who is new to breeding. However, if you consider these three things and let nature take its course, then you should have a healthy foal on the ground very soon.


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